Reviews and Feedback

It is important to say how good this film is. It is professional, beautiful to look at and very well acted.
If anyone feared it would be worthy and important but perhaps not fun, their worries will be swept away in the first few minutes with its witty and compelling script and some great camerawork.
It deserves to be very widely shown.
Fanny Charles, Fine Times Recorder. 

I thought the script transferred extremely well to the film medium. The editing is excellent. This needs to go on general release.
Dr Stephen Stanley, Dorset County Hospital.

Kinetics is powerful, touching and felt absolutely real. The device of using the boy as the counterpoint was dramatically highly effective. Im glad it will be seen by Parkinson’s groupsthey will learn a lot that will teach and inspire. But I hope its seen beyond thatits not just about a disease, or even a woman with a disease, but about how we all confront our bodies (and even more than our bodies) letting us down.
David Edgar, Playwright for RSC.

Watching Kinetics was a very emotional experience for me, as much of what you are saying is how my journey has been…a wonderful vehicle to give the public a real insight to living with Parkinson’s.
Audience feedback.

This project will enhance our experience and also demonstrate how the humanities and specifically narrative theatre can educate us all in a way that bioscientific data and theory cannot.
Dr James Gilbert, Devon and Exeter Hospital. Student Course Facilitator.

I thought it was excellent. A brilliant way of illustrating how two people with different problems can help each other, regardless of age, sex or profession.
Audience feedback.